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We make a large variety of ladybug and butterfly stones with the highest quality graphics available. Unique and beautiful ornamental gifts. Don't see your favorite "bug"? Just request a quote and we'll send you a custom quote right away!

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by Stoneworx™
sku gs-05-007
butterfly garden stone
7" L x 7" H x 3-4" W Decorate your gard...
by Stoneworx™
sku wel-05
ladybug welcome porch stone (double blasted)
22-24" L x 7-8" H x 3-4" W Double Blast...
by Stoneworx™
sku 05-por-c
ladybug porch stone
22-24" L x 7-8" H x 3-4" W. A must-hav...
by Stoneworx™
sku 09-adr-c
address stone graphics
Example: 1'-0" W x 9" H x 2.25" W Ladyb...
Custom Design - Price Varies
Out of Stock
by Stoneworx™
sku 16-yar-c
butterflies yard stone
2'-6" L x 9" H x 3-4" W with Stone "Fee...
Custom Design - Price Varies
Out of Stock

Take a look at our graphic sheets for ideas, and then fill out our quote form telling us what you would like.