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Porch stones are the perfect size to set on the porch. There are countless ways in which they can be customized!
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by Stoneworx™
sku 06-por-c
porch stone reversed
22-24" L x 7-8" H x 3-4" W. Uniquely p...
by Stoneworx™
sku 09-por-c
angus powercat porch stone
15" L x 8" H x 3-4" W. Kansas State - ...
by Stoneworx™
sku 08-por-c
xsmall porch stone with text only
14" L x 6" H x 3-4" W. Engrave your fa...
by Stoneworx™
sku 20-por-c
porch stone w name
22-24" L x 7-8" H x 3-4" W. Personaliz...
by Stoneworx™
sku 28-por-c
residential porch stone
17-19" L x 7-8" H x 3-4" W. Welcome vi...
by Stoneworx™
sku 07-por-c
sgm porch stone
24" L x 12" H x 3-4" W. A perfect than...
by Stoneworx™
sku 26-por-c
red raiders porch stone
11-12" L x 15-16" H x 3-4" W. Wamego R...
Custom Design - Price Varies
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by Stoneworx™
sku 23-por-c
jayhawk porch stone
22-24" L x 7-8" H x 3-4" W. Beautifull...
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